Looking For A Few Good Inspirational People

I am looking for stories about people who inspire you (or are you), who have overcome poor self-image or physical challenges and have gone on to experience rewarding and successful lives.  Selecteded stories may appear in the blog at SkinnyDeeping.com, a book slated for completion in late 2016, and/or as an interview on a program with the working title, SkinnyDeeping™ with Art.

A few of the stories will be about well known people who have inspired me over the years but my plan is that the majority of the stories will be about ordinary folks, just like members of our families, our neighbors, or business associates.  Stories that will inspire readers to realize that their own challenges don’t have to prevent them from having fulfilling, successful lives.

Please submit your candidates (maybe you) via the Nominate an Inspirational Person form http://bit.ly/1eU3I9B