The Skinny on SkinnyDeeping™

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with how people present themselves to the world. I suspect it was rooted in a period of time following when I was confined to a wheelchair and home bound for two years.  I was assigned to a class for the disabled as I was re-learning how to walk.  I, along with children with all sorts of challenges from polio to Down Syndrome were gathered in a single classroom.  We were tucked away, out of sight of the normal population.  Some were bright, others barely able to function intellectually.  However, each one had a unique personality and most seemed to ‘get along.’

This began my fascination with what it is that makes certain people excel and/or be personable when most of society considers them ‘different’ and mostly not in a positive way. I’ve also observed that some people who seem to have it all, good looks, money, a great job – seem to be a mess. This has turned into a lifelong fascination with ‘beauty is only skin deep”  and that ‘ugly is only skin deep’ as well.

I am collecting stories, mostly about people who have a positive self image but, by most measures, have overcome severe challenges to be successful and inspirational.  I plan to publish this collection in e-book and  print formats.  Additionally, I am in negotiation with an established Internet channel to host a show to be named SkinnyDeeping™ With Art where I will interview people who have overcome personal demons to lead productive, inspirational lives.

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